Continuing financial support

PhD students are supported by the program itself during the first two quarters (laboratory rotation program) and following that, as “graduate student researchers” (GSRs) through intra or extramural grants by the identified major professor.

We expect the major professor to fully financially support the graduate student after conclusion of the rotation program by support from intra or extramural research funds. However, many opportunities for financial support exist for graduate students and we strongly encourage all students to actively seek out these opportunities. Apart from doing "your part" in support of your research, obtaining a fellowship looks great on your CV and will make you more competitive for your future job-hunt!

UC Davis Fellowships

The University offers financial assistance in the form of graduate and nonresident tuition fellowships. Applications can be filed yearly. The deadline for online application is January 15th of each year. For more information see the student financial support page on the Office of Graduate Studies Website. 

NIH Training Grant Fellowships

A number of prestigious NIH-training fellowships are available on a competitive basis for qualified PhD students. Those are usually available following advancement to PhD candidacy (i.e. after passing the qualifying examination) and have varied deadlines. We encourage you to contact the responsible faculty members directly for more information.


Each year in late Spring the Graduate Group in Immunology calls for applications for "work-study". Work-study is given on a competitive basis to students with documented financial need. Financial need is documented by filing your FAFSA by the yearly deadline. Work-study is given in support of GSR's coverage of stipend and tuition costs. It covers roughly 75% of these costs. The remaining costs are expected to be covered by the major professor.

GGI-Blockgrant Support

The graduate group supports all rotating PhD students during their first two quarters by providing full coverage of stipend and tuition. "Emergency" funding may be available in some years to cover unexpected short-term funding shortfalls. Please inquire by contacting GGI directly.

Teaching Assistantships

A large number of "teaching assistantships" (TA-ships) are available that offer training opportunities in teaching while providing financial support. TA-ships are administered by different departments affiliated with the Graduate group in Immunology. Apply directly to the relevant Departments.