Admissions process

The online application deadline for the Graduate Group in Immunology is December 15.  As the application review period begins immediately, it is important that all submitted applications be complete by December 15th, including letters of recommendation.  The UC Davis-wide graduate fellowship application deadline for incoming and continuing students is also December 15 . Although not required, incoming students are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships.

The Graduate Group in Immunology strongly emphasizes the PhD program; students considering application to the Masters degree program should first contact the Program Coordinator. Under most circumstances, international student applications are deemed competitive only if the student has secured a fellowship to support their studies from their home government. We are committed to creating a diverse student body and welcome applications from underrepresented groups.

Applications undergo several rounds of review. First, during the initial review process a group of faculty members evaluate the application packages including undergraduate GPA and, if applicable, the TOEFL score. We value, in particular, strong letters of recommendations as well as personal statements that reveal motivation and purpose. It is not necessary to identify a faculty mentor for application to the PhD degree program, as admitted PhD students rotate through laboratories prior to selection of a faculty mentor. Students seeking the Masters degree must identify a faculty mentor willing to act as a faculty sponsor prior to applying.  Please note, no financial support is provided for Masters degree students.

Following the initial review process, the strongest applicants will be invited to interview via Zoom. Zoom interviews will take take place between January 17th and January 20th.

If campus visits are possible this year, those candidates who successfully pass the zoom interview will be invited to visit the campus.  During the campus visit, applicants will receive an overview of the immunology program, learn about research activities and resources on the UC Davis campus and have opportunities to meet and interact with the graduate group faculty and our current students in both formal and informal settings.

From those applicants selected to visit, we will invite some to join our program. Invitations are usually emailed within a few weeks following the visit. Invitations are contingent upon a final review and approval by Graduate Studies to ensure that formal graduate degree requirements are met upon admission. Students are given until April 15 to accept the invitation to join. A waitlist might be established. Students on the waitlist will be informed after April 15 whether additional positions are available.